The Buddha Nature

Here’s an explanation of the Buddha Nature from an expert Buddhist researcher, Dr Tony Page.


4 thoughts on “The Buddha Nature

  1. This is a compelling talk. Some more info on Dr. Tony Page —

    The website that he mentions here is, *Nirvana Sutra — Appreciation of the “Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra”* @

    The site is very content rich, containing his commentary but all the entire text of the Sutra. HOWEVER, it is blindingly difficult to read. He uses white and yellow fonts on a black background, which I find very hard on the eyes.

    A solution is to cut and paste the text on to Word (or other word-processor software) by first filtering the text through a plain text program, such as Notepad on Windows, which will clear out the color formatting while leaving line and paragraph breaks.

    He has also put up the ENTIRE Sutra in a pdf file on the site —

    I just discovered as well, that all of this content is easily downloadable via the website. See the zip file, for example —

    Finally, the Youtube link posted above is one of several Dr. Page has put on line. Click on “RichardofLondon” on this video to discover the others.

    Shalom —
    Dharma Fool

  2. Thank you, EssenceofBuddhism, for this splendid website. I appreciate your sincerity and the comments of other seekers after Truth. Let me say that I have the distinct impression that you have gained greater insight into the True Dharma and the Buddha-dhatu (‘Buddha Nature’) than most Buddhists whom I have met in my entire life!
    Keep up the great work. All happiness to you always in the Wonderful Dharma.
    Yours cordially – Dr. Tony Page

    • Thank you most kindly for your gracious comments, Dr Page!

      I think we all owe you and especially the efforts of Dr Stephen Hodge in his translations, a huge debt of gratitude for help making the principles of the Buddha Nature Sutras available to the Western World.

      For these Sutras reveal some of the Buddha’s most important teachings that give the all important “reasons why” to not only the earlier provisional teachings but also the Buddha’s final, ultimate teachings.

      Without learning these principles that come directly from the Buddha himself, it can be easy for many Buddhists to misunderstand the earlier teachings. So these Buddha Nature Sutras help give us the proper context and helps clarify major fundamental points of understanding.

      So on behalf of the readers of the Essence of Buddhism blog, we would like to sincerely thank you and Dr Stephen Hodge for your excellent efforts in making these Ultimate teachings of the Buddha available to current day Truth seekers like us!

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