How to allow the mind to be still

This is one of the best tips on meditation you will ever get.

It will save you a lot of months and years of frustration and wasted effort trying to “hold” the mind still.

So pay close attention.


2 thoughts on “How to allow the mind to be still

  1. Thank Ajahn Brahm for this one.

    It’s actually very important to understand this principle because when you first start out trying to meditate, you think that you have to try and “hold” the mind still.

    So you could be struggling with this for weeks, months, even years and get the same result as trying to hold a cup of water still. And after all of that, despite years of trying to do this – you’re no better off than when you started.

    The solution? Let it all go. Lay it down. Let go of the “controller” and just watch. Watch and you will notice that there’s a stillness that is already there. You don’t have to “make” the mind still. You just let go and you will start to see glimpses of the still silence of the mind.

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