Buddhist Pyschology on Wealth

Why are certain material objects so treasured?

A gem is virtually useless and a gilded scabbard is no better than a plain one.

Man decides that gold is valuable because it is rare and enduring and brilliant. He then thinks that if he possesses gold he, himself, will become rare or unique, that his individual worth will endure, and that he also will be considered a rather brilliant fellow.

So obsessed he may become with these foolish notions that in trying to obtain gold, he will destroy the very life he is trying to embellish.

  • In the darkness of delusion the unenlightened believe that they can glorify themselves by reflecting the qualities they have assigned to their possessions.
  • Those who live the enlightened life readily discern that the qualities of an object are not transferred to its possessor.

A heap of treasures piled in their path will not obstruct their vision. They can  see right through them. Gold in the pocket is not gold in the character.

Source: Maxims of Han Shan



One thought on “Buddhist Pyschology on Wealth

  1. So this doesn’t mean that wealth is useless, as it’s nice to have. It means the qualities of whatever wealth that you seek to possess do not transfer to you. Wealth is not who you really are.

    And working hard to get ahead in life is good in general. But just be mindful not to work so hard for money that it takes its toll on your health and wellbeing.

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