Meditation objects – Giving the mind something to play with

Just like when children are noisy and disturb our house, we give them a ball to play with.

In the same way, when the mind is not peaceful and unsettled, we look for a meditation object to play with, such as recollection of the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha, of our virtue, of our generosity, of the inevitable death.

– Ajahn Chah


One thought on “Meditation objects – Giving the mind something to play with

  1. Common meditation objects are things like the breath – focussing on sensation of the breath at the tip of your nose. Another one is a mantra – which can be words, sounds, syllables or holy names. What these do is they help bring your mind back to the present moment – anchoring it with the sensation in the present moment or anchoring your attention with the sound of the mantra. Once your attention is anchored in the present moment, it’s less likely to stray to the future (worrying about what you think will happen) or stray to the past. So the meditation object brings your attention back to the here and now, focussed on 1 thing only. Singleminded attention on 1 thing, so that you become one with the object.

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