Humility and Arrogance

In general:
– Don’t think too much of yourself – as if you think you know it all, you will have blocked yourself from being open to new ideas and learnings.  So if these new or alternative ideas are worth their weight – and you are too arrogant to accept them, then you will have prevented yourself from benefitting from them.
– By the same token, don’t think too little of yourself either – as if you think that you are too lowly to be worthy of something important – then you will stop doing important things!  These important things are the very things that could help the people around you.  And if these important things are big enough and grand enough, they might even be able to help the whole of humanity.  If you give up on these important things, then possibly humanity might have missed out.

But different people require different amounts of the above two – some require a lot of one and none of the other and vice versa! lol  :wink1:


4 thoughts on “Humility and Arrogance

  1. It’s good to have the skillful means (upaya) needed to know when “arrogance” or humility are needed. Sometimes knowing, and sounding confident, can be most helpful, especially when one is sure and wants to help another is uncertain and looking for direction, but human beings usually err toward the know-it-all side so cultivating humility, always wise, is what most of us need to remember.

    And you’d better listen to me, I ain’t no ordinary fool! 🙂

    — Dharma Fool

    • When would arrogance be needed? Humility is not a tool. It is a quality of one’s worldview and behavior. Once it has become an aspect of self, there is no need to remember it.

  2. Excellent observation, Dharma Fool!
    – If we’re too arrogant, that’s when we can take a fall – so humility is needed in that instance.
    – If we feel like we’re not good enough, not worthy – confidence is needed in that instance.
    So we’ve got to know for ourselves what we need at different times – it’s not a fixed thing. We need to be able to apply wisdom that is alive and dynamic for each differing individual situation.

  3. Once our thinking transcends the limitations of “self” and “other”, and realizes the reality of oneness, we find our balance. Our bodies are like a flute, the melody of our lives played by the breath of spirit moving through us. WG

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