All that is mine, beloved and pleasing…

All that is mine, beloved and pleasing, will become otherwise, will become separated from me.

This should be reflected upon again and again by one who has gone forth.

From the Buddha‘s – 5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection

Some people may find this morbid and depressing, but this is actually one of my favourite reflections.  Why?  Because it helps you to let go of things.

One day all that you love, all that is yours that is nice, that is beautiful, that pleases you – will change and eventually be separated from you.  Ultimately, you won’t get to keep any of this stuff – so when it goes, let it go.  It was going to go anyway, so let it proceed its natural course – it’s not ultimate.

  • Whatever you get, you will one day have to un-get.
  • All the good things that you get will ultimately, one day have to be separated from you

That’s just the nature of things in this world – this realm of birth and death that we live in.


If there was something that you don’t have to get, then it would naturally be a part of you and you would never become separated from it – because it is a part of who you really are.

PS:  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to nurture the good, wholesome, skilful things that you possess – because you should!  It just means that if you’ve done your best to preserve something and it’s still decaying, fading, slipping away from you – that’s just how it is – the nature of the conditioned realm – things come and things go.

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