The Autobiography of Master Hsu Yun

Master Hsu Yun is perhaps one of China’s greatest Buddhist Masters of recent times.  He is one of the true heroes of Buddhism.  He was the Patriarch for 5 different lineages of Chan Buddhism and was widely considered to have been enlightened (see these days, most people don’t even think people can get enlightened anymore).

Chan is the Chinese word for Zen.  It is short for Chan na, which is another word for Jhana (Pali) or Dhyana (Sanskrit).  Master Hsu Yun specialized in Chan meditation.

In this type of meditation, the usual method is investigating the question, “Who is reciting the Buddha’s name?”  This question is a pointing question – pointing to where you should look for the answer – basically, it is pointing to where you can directly see your own Buddha Nature for yourself – through direct experience.

Master Hsuan Hua, wrote an fantastic pictorial biography of Master Hsu Yun, hiring the best artists – you guys should read that too as it’s really easy to read.

And today, I just stumbled upon this Autobiography of Master Hsu Yun, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.  It should be AWESOME!

Click to access Empty-Cloud_The_Autobiography_of_Xu_Yun.pdf

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