The Citta – your True Mind, your True Nature – by Ajahn Maha Boowa

The citta is the mind’s essential knowing nature, the fundamental quality of knowing that underlies all sentient existence.

When associated with a physical body, it is referred to as “mind” or “heart”. Being corrupted by the defiling influence of fundamental ignorance (avijjã), its currents “flow out” to manifest as:

  • Feelings (vedanã),
  • Memory (saññã),
  • Thoughts (sankhãra), and
  • Consciousness (viññãna),

thus embroiling the citta in a web of self-deception. It is deceived about its own true nature.

The true nature of the citta is that it simply “knows”. There is no subject, no object, no duality; it simply knows. The citta does not arise or pass away; it is never born and never dies.

Normally, the “knowing nature” of the citta is timeless, boundless, and radiant, but this true nature is obscured by the defilements (kilesa) within it:

  • Through the power of fundamental ignorance, a focal point of the “knower” is created from which that knowing nature views the world outside.
  • The establishment of that false center creates a “self” from whose perspective consciousness flows out to perceive the duality of the “knower” and the “known”.
  • Thus the citta becomes entangled with things that are born, become ill, grow old, and die, and therefore, deeply involved it in a whole mass of suffering.

p 107 The Path to Arahantship by Ajahn Maha Boowa


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