Nirvana is NOT dependent – it is independent

  • One who is dependent has wavering.
  • One who is independent has no wavering.


  • There being no wavering, there is calm.
  • There being calm, there is no yearning.
  • There being no yearning, there is no coming or going.
  • There being no coming or going, there is no passing away or arising.
  • There being no passing away or arising, there is neither a here nor a there nor a between-the-two.

This, just this, is the end of stress.

Source:  Nibbana Sutta: Udana 8.4


So here, this Sutta is one of a series of 4 Suttas about Nirvana (also called Nibbana) in the Udana, Sutta No. 4.

Notice how the Buddha is saying – Don’t be dependent – you will have weaknesses.  Whatever you are dependent upon will be your weakness because that is your support.  If your support fails, then you are in trouble.  And if you have to be dependent on someone or some thing, then you will always have in the back of your mind – what if they don’t come through for me?  What if it breaks?  These are the worries that will beset your mind if you have to be dependent upon someone or dependent upon conditions and circumstances to be right – if they are not right, you will suffer.

Now instead, if you don’t need to rely upon anything – being independent – you won’t have such worries – you won’t have such wavering in your mind, no such worries.

Don’t be dependent upon conditions – when they change, the foundation that you relied upon will also change and can no longer be relied upon in the same way.

Be independent of conditions.  In other words, be able to handle conditions no matter how they are, no matter the changes, you’re okay with it, you can deal with it.  Conditions are constantly in flux anyway – understand this, so let go of attaching to them.


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