Reciting the Buddha’s name to soothe your soul

Sometimes, internet Buddhism can get too theoretical and intellectual, thinking about this and thinking about that – so much so that we get caught up in our thoughts without realizing it. And the more we think, the more trouble we give ourselves and the more suffering we experience because we can’t stop our own thinking!

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a pure, clear mind, free from extraneous thoughts!

The problem of only relying on thinking when walking the Buddha’s path is that parts of the Dharma are atakkavacara – they do not lie within the realm of logical thought. They can only be reached through practice.

So at times like these, it’s nice to come back down to earth through some Mindfulness of the Buddha practice.

This is also called “Reciting the Buddha’s name” – a practice that comes from the Amitabha Sutra and other Pure Land Sutras. Here we chant/recite the Namo of Amitabha Buddha as a vehicle to reach samadhi (stillness of mind).

Let go of all our other thoughts and just become one with the chanting so that our chanting takes us towards some peace and stillness of mind.

If you don’t have time, you can even just play these chants in the background to help your mind settle. But you do have time, then you can chant and recite to go as deep into samadhi as you want to go.

May it benefit you all.

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