Explanation of the Complete Title of the Shurangama Sutra

The Complete Title of the Shurangama Sutra is:

The Sutra of the Foremost Shurangama spoken from the Crown of the Great Buddha’s Head

concerning the Tathagata’s:

  1. Hidden basis of Cultivation
  2. His Certification to the Complete Meaning and
  3. Myriad Bodhisattva Practices that lead to verifications of Ultimate Truth

Shurangama is sanskrit for “Ultimate durability of ALL phenomena”, i.e., everything that we perceive through our senses – all the changing phenomena of the trees, sky, people, living creatures, the universe.  If we can penetrate all those changing things through to their changeless source – then you can obtain the samadhi of the “hidden basis” of the Buddha’s cultivation – the Buddha Nature.  So Shurangama refers the unsurpassed samadhi/stillness of your very own Buddha Nature.  So the Shurangama Sutra is all about the correct understanding of the Buddha Nature.

This hidden basis of the Buddha’s samadhi power, this hidden samadhi, this Buddha Nature is actually exactly the same samadhi that you and I possess, complete in every way in all sentient beings.  It’s just that we haven’t uncovered it – hence why it remains hidden to us and is a secret to us – we’re not even aware that it’s there.

So we’ve got to use Chan/Zen investigation to uncover it.  Once we achieve some real skill in doing this, we will certify to and realize all worldly and world transcending dharmas completely – hence “complete meaning”.

Bodhisattva’s myriad practices leading to verifications of ultimate truth – is which Bodhisattva practices lead to perceiving the ultimate truth (i.e., Buddhahood)?  The Buddha speaks of all the different types of practices that lead to this in the 25 sages relating their Dharma door of cultivation section.

[This was based on Master Hsuan Hua’s commentary of the Shurangama Sutra.  You guys should all read Master Hsuan Hua’s commentary for yourselves to see whether I am right or not!]


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