Amongst White Clouds

Excellent documentary about a handful of Buddhist Masters and their disciples living up on a mountain in China, still doing it like the cultivators of old.

This must be like how all the great Masters like Master Han Shan, Master Hsu Yun and Master Hsuan Hua lived – the simplicty of their lives, all the hardships they had to endure and their search to find their True Minds, their unborn, undying Buddha Nature.


  • How simple they live, with only the bare necessities of food, clothing and shelter
  • How generous they are – not wanting to receive gifts but giving gifts even though they didn’t have much in terms of material possessions
  • When asked, up on the mountain, who can you rely on if you get into trouble with your cultivation?  Rely on the texts (i.e., the Sutras) – for they are the guide.
  • How they recite the same chants that are in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist temples throughout the world, even though they have little to no contact with civilization
  • They quote from the Leng Yan Jin (the Shurangama Sutra)
  • They talk about the false self vs the True Self – just like the Shurangama Sutra does – so their lack of contact with civilization has kept their teachings pure.
  • They also talk about Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land

Basically, these Masters and their disciples are legitimate mainstream Mahayana Buddhist Sangha – despite their temples and living quarters being very poor and makeshift.  And the fact that they are isolated with no western world influence – it means that they’d be keeping their precepts very pure – so this is something to admire!

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