Too much is the same as not enough – Master Hsuan Hua

We live in a western world where the mentality is “More is better!”.  But if you overshoot the mark, you’re worse off too.

For example, it’s nice to eat good food, but if you eat too much of it – you start to feel sick.

It’s good to exercise, but if you overdo it, you can injure yourself and harm your body instead of making it stronger and healthier.

So you need to shoot for not necessarily more – but “Just right”, i.e., the perfect amount.  Not too much, not too little.

One way of applying this would be to do things – Not too fast, not too slow

  • If you’re doing things too fast – you can get too tense – and your actions are not as relaxed and fluid or aware as they can be.  So take a deep breath and slow down and let your attention relax into it.
  • If you’re doing things too slow – there can be a lethargy and not enough energy being put into it – and there’s a lack of sustainability, a lack of power that sustains itself.

And you can dynamically adjust things as you need it.

  • If you’re going too slow, speed up.
  • If you’re going too fast, slow down and take it easier.

How is this principle applied in the world of medicine?

In the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals, there’s the concept of Therapeutic levels.  What does this mean?

It means when you are taking a particular medicine, you have to take enough of that medicine for it to have an effect – this is called the Therapeutic levels (it’s usually a range) – which means there is enough of that medicine concentrated in your bloodstream or tissues to start influencing the disease or condition.

  • If there is too little of that medicine – it won’t have any effect.
  • If you take too much of that medicine – it will become toxic.

But if the concentration of that medicine your blood stream is within the right range – then it will start working to help treat your condition.

So not too little, not too much.  As Master Hsuan Hua use to say, “Too much is the same as not enough.”

Whatever you do in life, you’ve got to aim for “just right” – aim for balance, aim for the perfect amount, aim for perfection.

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