Ajahn Achalo – The importance of keeping the precepts – ghosts, devas and offering your goodness on behalf of others

Here is an excellent talk by Ajahn Achalo, who is a disciple of Ajahn Anan in Thailand, who is a specialist in metta (loving kindness) meditation.  Some really cool stories here!

Encounter with an Entity

At 25:05 in the video, when he was staying with a Vajrayana family near Kashmir, towards the end of a meditation session, they heard a Muslim call to prayer in that area.  Then they both started having a lot of negative thoughts about how the Muslim invaders had killed a lot of Buddhists in that area (so that’s why the Buddha encouraged spreading thoughts of loving kindness – because maybe subtle beings around you can detect and feel your thoughts – good or bad).

Then, suddenly, a cold chill comes into the room… The candles start to flicker and the wooden shutter of the room closed by itself!… His friend turns to him and suddenly says, “Ajahn.  Something is wrong!”… and how the next day, he made a deal with whoever or whatever was there.

His experiences at the Bodhi Tree

At 30:19 in the video, one of the realized Masters in Thailand had previously said that there is a Deva (Heavenly Being) living in each leaf of the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, India, until the leaf falls away. Bodhgaya is the place of the Buddha’s enlightenment where he sat under the Bodhi Tree – these places have a lot of power and some people have very interesting experiences there.

Now is it true?  Who knows, but Ajahn Achalo relates a few interesting stories of what happened to him in Bodhgaya – especially whilst meditating under the tree.

In the cold of winter, when he was sick with a chest infection, whilst meditating for about an hour under the Bodhi tree early in the morning, he was feeling miserable and was beginning to have second thoughts, “This really isn’t working!  Maybe I’m supposed to be in bed, cos I am sick”

But then he thought, “No!  What the particular kind of virtue you are trying to cultivate here is discipline, patience, consistent effort.  So the point isn’t to be peaceful.  The point is that you came and sat anyway, even though you felt sick – that’s the point“.

So what happened at that moment?  A Bodhi leaf fell into his right palm – as if to say, “That’s right, Ajahn Achalo, you should develop consistent discipline and patience.  It’s not just about being peaceful everytime – it’s about making this effort and just being there.

There are a few other stories in the video of what happened in Bodhgaya.

Ajahn Achalo’s Father’s stroke

At 50:20 in the video, he relates the amazing story of when his father had a stroke.  His father was in a bad way and Ajahn Achalo breaks down when recalling that time and how he had rang his teacher for advice and ended up making an offering on behalf of his father.

What happened next?  Listen in to find out!

So perhaps spreading merit and virtue – sharing the goodness that you’ve done with other people – really works!


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