Poor woman living in 1 dirty room gets reborn in the Pure Land – Records of Home Coming to the Pure Land – Story 7

In the Republic of China there was a poor woman in the place of Che Kai but no one knew her surname.  Her family was very poor and her son was not filial.  One day, he scolded her and she suffered under such treatment by her son.  She went to poor out her sorrows to a monk in a nearby temple.

The monk said, “You have already known what suffering is, why don’t you sell it?”

The woman asked in great surprise, “How do you sell it?”

The monk replied, “You can repeat with one pointed mind the name of Buddha Amitabha and seek rebirth in the Pure Land.  Then at the end of your life, the Buddha will come and escort you to the Pure Land so that you will suffer no more and will be happy forever.  Thus you can sell all your suffering away!”

The woman then said, “We all live in 1 room with a stove.  There is a place for pigs beneath the bed, so how can I repeat the Buddha’s name in this dirty and unsuitable place?”

The monk replied, “It does not matter.  When you are at home, you must not hesitate to repeat the Buddha’s name but when you are free, you can come and worship Buddha in the Temple.”

The woman did what the monk advised and prayed earnestly for enlightenment.  She repeated the Buddha’s name without ceasing.

After 2 or 3 years, she prophesized to her son, “One certain day, I will be reborn in the Pure Land and you should be filial and handle my funeral.”

Her son did not believe her.

Not long after this, she repeated the same thing to her son, but he still did not believe her.

Finally, 1 day, her son smelt a strange and pleasant fragrance but he did not know where it came from.  He searched high and low and still could not locate the source of the fragrance.  He then began to believe his mother.

When the time came, he saw his mother had bathed herself clean and had worn clean clothes.  She then sat upright and repeated the Buddha’s name.  While doing this, she passed away.  It was around the 10th year of the Republic of China.

This woman was so poor and ignorant but when she repeated the Buddha’s name for several years, she could foretell her death and the fragrance appeared before she passed peacefully.

From the above account, we know that the Dharmaparyaya or method of Pure Land or Lotus Sect is indeed very good and worthy for all of us to cultivate and adopt.

Source:  Record of Saints of the Pure Land

Record of Home Coming to the Pure Land p 56-57

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