How to Meditate – Beginner Meditation Tip – Don’t Suppress Your Thoughts When You’re Meditating

When I was starting out trying to learn how to meditate, I was reading all these books about meditation. A lot of them made it more complex than it should be.

One of the wrong ideas that popped up was that you should stop your thoughts in meditation. So I tried it – I tried to suppress my thoughts. It didn’t work. Instead, it made things worse!

It’s like trying to bottle up your emotions!

Cos you try not to think bad thoughts or evil thoughts – so you try to bottle your thoughts and emotions up. Hide them away, thinking that they’re gone.

But the pressure builds up. And the greater the pressure builds up – the more uncomfortable you feel.

As the pressure builds up more and more, the more comfortable you feel because the more force you have to apply toe push those feelings and emotions down out from consciousness.

Until… One day, you explode! And all those bad feelings and emotions and resentment and anger and hostility (any other negative emotions like sadness) comes out anyway!

It’s also like trying to push your emotions under a rug

Trying to sweep your dirt under a rug – but there’s a large lump there. So you try to push it down. But it doesn’t go down fully. So you try to push it to the side – but the lump just moves to the side.

It’s because you didn’t deal with it properly.

It’s also like trying to get rid of that bubble when you put a new screen protector on your phone

So you get this new screen protector for your mobile phone. You put it on and you are really careful not to get dust on it, but a speck of dust falls on it. So when you put your screen protector on, you get a bubble! You try to flatten the bubble – it doesn’t go away. You try to push it to the side but it’s still there!

Your repressed feelings are like this.

They just get pushed down away from consciousness and off to the side – but they are not completely and properly resolved.

So don’t try to suppress your thoughts and feelings when you try to meditate

It only builds up the pressure in them, you only make yourself feel more uncomfortable. And worse, if you let them fester because you didn’t resolve them properly, then the pressure builds up before you can’t keep it down anymore and it explodes out anyway, no matter how hard you try to keep it down.

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