Stay Safe from Omicron and Delta in the New Year

With Omicron infecting so many people across the world, I wanted to wish you all safety from being infected. 5 of my friends have been infected in just the past week – and it’s spread to their family members too. So there is an extremely high risk that we could all catch it.

This post is NOT medical advice – if you do ever catch Covid-19 – then the first thing you should do is speak to your doctor to get advice tailored to your specific situation.

What’s are the best ways to stay safe from Covid?

  1. Get double vaccinated AND get your booster shot – a PhD, Dr Shawn Carbonell tested his own antibody levels and found that his antibody levels went up by 400% after his booster shot.
  2. Double Mask – Make sure 1 of the masks is a KN95 or N95 mask (regular cloth masks and even the blue surgical masks don’t cut it in the time of Omicron and Delta)
  3. Wear a Faceshield – especially if you need to physically get close to people in your line of work
  4. Regularly sanitize your hands and disinfect your surroundings. Covid is in the aerosol in the air as well – you can spray 70% Alcohol around the air (like Glen 20 spray or equivalent) to help disinfect the air.
  5. Social Distance – Try to keep least 1.5 m from others when going out as much as you can
  6. Do NOT go to family get togethers or parties or attend crowded events right now – 2nd January, 2022) – ALL parties and big gatherings are potential Super Spreader events right now. If you do have to go, make sure that you are wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, e.g., masks and sanitizers)

So the above things are PRIMARY – THE most important things that we can do to avoid getting infected.

What are the ways that we can boost our immune system?

The following are NOT designed to replace the above but to complement and supplement it:

  1. Vitamin Dreduces risk of respiratory infections by up to 50% – at least 2000 IU per day OR sunlight everyday
  2. Zinc – Zinc inhibits viral replication
  3. Quercetin – is a Zinc Ionophore – this means that it helps the Zinc get inside your cells
  4. NAC – N-Acetyl Cysteine – reduces inflammation in the body
  5. Temporarily raising core body temperature – simulates fever, which recruits the interferon response, which helps to fight viruses, e.g., sauna, hot shower, hot bath, exercising to the point of sweating.
  6. Nigella Sativa – Black Cumin Seeds
  7. Get good sleep – which rests the body, allowing it to replenish resources for the good fight against infection

What treatments are available for Covid 19?

BUT, these may or may not be available where you are AND these treatments are expensive – at least several hundred US dollars. However, the government where you are may or may not cover the cost of these for you:

  1. Monoclonal Antibodies
  2. Paxlovid from Pfizer – has an 89% efficacy if started within 3 days but drops to 85% if started within 5 days

Good Resources on Covid

  1. Medcram – run by Dr Roger Seheult, a Pulmonologist and Critical Care specialist – is treating Covid patients in hospital – so he’s on the frontline
  2. Professor Tracy Ruscetti – @Scitimewithtracy – a PhD in Immunology and Microbiology
  3. Laughterinlight – a PhD Immunologist
  4. Dr Shawn Carbonell – a MD/PhD
  5. Dr Rhonda Patrick – a PhD cell biologist

What Buddhist Practices are available?

These are NOT supposed to be a substitute for getting vaccinated, masking up, social distancing etc… but are there once again to complement:

  1. The Medicine Master Buddha Mantra – Namo Bhagavate Bhaishajya Guru Vaidurya Prabha Rajaya Tathatataya Arhate Samyaksambhuddaya Tadyatha Om Bhaishajye Bhaishajye Bhaishajya Samudgate Svaha
  2. The Great Compassion Mantra
  3. The Shurangama Mantra

You can for example play these in your care everyday as you’re driving too and from work – but PAY ATTENTION to the road and other cars!